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From Blah to WOW in 30 Minutes

A friend of mine visited recently and she looked awesome. I asked her if she had changed her hair – she said no and continued to look at me with a twinkle in her eye. I kept looking at her trying to figure out what she did to look so fantastic. I even asked her if she had plastic surgery. She laughed.
“You egghead, she said,I’ve had my lashes extended!”

I looked closer. That was it. I gushed and then asked where she had them done and how could I do the same. I’d been hating my lashes forever and was dying to have them longer.

So within a week I had an appointment for eyelash extensions London and went down with, I admit, a lot of trepidation. I lay there as the cosmetician worked for about 50 minutes. All I could think of was how terrific I was going to look.

She handed me the mirror and I held my breath. Ooooh! What a difference! I batted my eyes. Nothing fell – I guess secretly I was thinking they might fall off.

I met my boyfriend for lunch and had not forewarned him. He looked at me and told me how beautiful I looked today. Throughout lunch he kept stealing glances. I loved his added attention.

About three weeks later the lashes looked bad. They were twisted and I didn’t like them anymore so I went back to the salon and with wonderful expertise the cosmetologist adjusted and added. I grabbed the mirror and Wow! They looked even better than the first time. She told me she was able to add more the second time around. I was delighted.

Later that night I was watching television and really looked at the ladies eyes. I wanted to figure out if they had extensions. It is so hard to tell because they looked so darn real. After studying about 15 different women on three different shows I had to ask myself the question – why is it that every single woman had beautiful eyelashes? Not just sort of long, but extraordinary!

There is no way that all 15 women that I studied had naturally beautiful eyelashes. I had to conclude that extensions are Hollywood’s secret. Now I have Hollywood’s secret and I am loving it! No more adequate eyes – I have knockout eyes now too and I use them – Hollywood style.